The Holy Spirit is working in relation to Revelation and Inspiration

Where Scriptures definitely affirm that sacred books were not composed by men to their fancy own ideas. But authors were inspired and guided by HolySpirit (1 Cor 2:9-11), so that their writings afford us all the desired guarantees.
2 Peter 1:21, 1Peter 1:10-11
In Old Testament we also find affirmation: 2 Samuel 23:2 by proclaiming HolySpirit as person spoke not men’s work. And all prophets spoke as this sayeth the Lord.

Revelation refers to disclosure of what previously unknown. Revelation concerns the Material which is made known not manner. In relation to recorded scripture it was the disclosure of God who apart from such revelation was unknown to man.

On the other word word Inspiration in theological sense concerns the resultant product the Scripture, the Greek word used in 2 Timothy 3:16 means GOD BREATH. Biblical Inspiration may be defined as Gods superintendent human authority, that men using there own personalities composed and recorded without error (of Gods revelation to man in words of the original autograph). God didn’t dictated, He used human authors to write in there own style. The result of human am divine authorship was a record of original manuscript without errors.


The concept of inspiration incorporates several ideas,

Accuracy: Scripture is thus inspired it there fore has accuracy. Infallibility and high concept of inspiration are inseparable (Matt 5:17).

Authority: Infallibility (means one who can’t fail) brings with it absolute authority.

God also revealed Himself to some extent in nature and He has been fully revealed in Christ, revelation always concerns the material and inspiration concerns the method by which the material is written and Scripture was recorded.

In reference to revelation and inspiration the term Illumination may be considered as Illumination concerns the meaning of Gods revelation.


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