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The Blessings of Salvation

Justification has been saved from the guilt of sin Eph. 2:8 Sanctification is being saved from the power of sin 1 Cor. 1:18 Glorification will be saved from the presence of sin Acts 15:11

Divine Attributes of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is eternal Heb. 9:14 The Holy Spirit is omnipresent Ps. 139:7–10 The Holy Spirit is omniscient 1 Cor. 2:10–11 The Holy Spirit is omnipotent Luke 1:35–37 The Holy Spirit is holy Rom. 1:4

Attributes of God

Incommunicable Attributes Independence (self-existence, self-sufficiency, aseity) Unchangeableness (immutability) Eternity Omnipresence Unity (simplicity) Communicable Attributes Attributes Describing God’s Being Spirituality Indivisibility Mental Attributes Knowledge (omniscience) Wisdom Truthfulness (faithfulness) Moral Attributes Goodness Love Mercy (grace, patience) Holiness Peace (or order) Righteousness or… Read More »Attributes of God

Ways in Which God Reveals Himself

  Means of Revelation Examples actions creating, judging, redeeming names “Lord” (Hb. YHWH, or Yahweh) “God Almighty” (Hb. el Shadday) “Master, Lord” (Hb. ‘Adon) images Father, Rock, Husband, Shepherd attributes holiness, goodness, love, grace, wrath

Studies in Systematic Theology

Area of Study Technical Title Method and foundation Prolegomena The Bible Bibliology God Theology proper Humanity (or man) Anthropology Sin Hamartiology Christ Christology Holy Spirit Pneumatology Salvation Soteriology Church Ecclesiology Last things Eschatology

God and Jesus Are Alpha and Omega

God is the Alpha and the Omega (1:8; 21:6) God is the beginning and the end (21:6) Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega (22:13; cf. 2:8; 22:13) Jesus is the beginning and the end (22:13; cf. 2:8; 22:13)

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Key Themes in 3 John

1. The support of traveling Christian workers is noble and needful. 5–8 2. Church discipline can be necessary for healthy ministry to flourish. 9–10 3. The integrity of faith is proven by actions. 11

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2:2 “a quiet and peaceful life, godly and dignified in every way” 2:9–10 dress in a way that is appropriate for “women who profess godliness” 3:16 “Great … is the mystery of godliness” 4:7 “train yourself for godliness” 4:8 “godliness is… Read More »Godliness

The Epistles

Book Author Date Recipients Place of Writing James James 40–45 Jewish Christians in or near Palestine Jerusalem? Galatians Paul 48 South Galatian churches Syrian Antioch 1 Thessalonians Paul 49–51 Church in Thessalonica Corinth 2 Thessalonians Paul 49–51 Church in Thessalonica… Read More »The Epistles

Major Sermons in Acts

Speaker Text Audience Peter 2:14–36 Jews in Jerusalem 3:11–26 Jews in Jerusalem 10:34–43 Cornelius’s household Stephen 7:1–53 Jews in Jerusalem Paul 13:16–47 Jews in Pisidian Antioch 17:22–31 Greeks in Athens 20:18–35 Church elders in Ephesus 22:1–21 Jews in Jerusalem 24:10–21… Read More »Major Sermons in Acts

Acts 1:8

Text Region Named Narrative of Ministry There Acts 1:8: you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem Acts 1–7 in all Judea and Samaria Acts 8–12 to the end of the earth Acts 13–28

Key Themes in John

1. Jesus is God. 1:1–2, 18; 5:17–18; 8:58–59; 10:30–33; 20:28 2. Jesus existed before the creation of the world. 1:1–2; 8:58; 17:5, 24 3. Jesus has supernatural knowledge. 1:48; 2:4, 19, 23–25; 3:14; 4:17–18; 6:51, 70; 8:28; 9:3; 10:15, 17–18;… Read More »Key Themes in John

Key Themes in Luke

1. God’s sovereign rule over history. The promises God made through the prophets are already being fulfilled. 13:33; 22:22, 42; Acts 1:16–17; 2:23; 4:28; etc. 2. The arrival and actual presence of the kingdom of God. Nevertheless, the consummation of the kingdom is still a… Read More »Key Themes in Luke