Zechariah’s Visions

VisionPassageContent SummaryZechariah’s Question(s) to the MessengerPromise/Outcome
11:7–17Vision of horsemen who “patrol the earth” and report the condition of the earth; the Lord promises to build his house in JerusalemWhat are these, my lord? (v. 9)The Lord is jealous for Jerusalem and promises that his house will be built there and that the Lord’s cities will overflow with prosperity
21:18–21Vision of four horns and four craftsmen: the horns have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem, and the craftsmen come to terrify and cast down the hornsWhat are these? (v. 19) What are these coming to do? (v. 21)The craftsmen will cast down those who have oppressed Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem
32:1–13Vision of a man with a measuring line in his hand who comes to measure JerusalemWhere are you going? (v. 2)Jerusalem will be inhabited, and the Lord will be in the midst of his people
43:1–10Vision of Joshua the high priest and the removal of his iniquity as the representative of the peopleJoshua the priest will rule the Lord’s house and courts, and the coming of “my servant the Branch” is promised
54:1–14Vision of a lampstand and two olive treesWhat are these, my lord? (v. 4) What are these two olive trees … ? (v. 11)The rebuilding of the temple is charged to Zerubbabel and Joshua and will occur by the power of the Lord
65:1–4Vision of a flying scrollCovenant curses will come upon the covenant breaker, e.g., the one who steals and the one who swears falsely
75:5–11Vision of a woman in the basket (ephah), later carried away by two womenWhat is it? (v. 6) Where are they taking the basket? (v. 10)“Wickedness”—symbolized by the presence of the woman—will be removed to Babylon (Shinar)
86:1–8Vision of four chariots pulled by strong horses: red, black, white, dappledWhat are these, my lord? (v. 4)The chariots and horses go north (black and white) and south (dappled) to “patrol the earth”

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