True Religion is based on Faith

Religion in broder sence canbe very political and self made by man for his own benifits. But in narrow and Biblical sence it is very unique and specific relationship with God and carrying out responsibilities between God and man divinely.

Jude defines beliefs of Christians is based on faith.
One of the authors write:
– Real religion gives to other
– Real religion Says, others first
– Real religion Says, Servitude
– Real religion Says, accept the burden of self that others might be relieved of that burden.
– Real religion Says, not I, but Christ.

Looking back, Judiasim was the religion of Jews.
Acts 26:5 – lived as Pharisee
Gal 1:13 – lived as Jews
James 1:26-27 – Pure religion

Christianity is based on the faith
Jude 1:3 – The faith

bases of Chritianity walks in this way,
– Acts 9:2 – as a prisoner.
– Acts 22:4 – unto death & into prisons.
– Acts 18:26 – honoured.
– 2 Peter 2:2 – Harmful way.

In conclusion Religion can send one to hell if not understood its relational behaviour.

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