Here are just a few workouts for you to follow. I will tell you this much though, that NO program is the end all be all secret recipe for success. These workouts are going to help you towards the higher steps on the ladder of success. There are other programs as well though. Programs that I hope you are creative enough and dedicated enough to construct on your own. In addition, do your own research and learn about proper strength training methods & philosophies. This will require time on your part as well as trial & error. Be sure to consult with your primary physician before participating in this or any other exercise program.

After you purchase this manual please feel free to contact me via e mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding the program. I am expecting you to train two or three times a week plus extra GPP work, and as mentioned before, listen to your body!

Also, the number of set & reps will vary according to your individual ability as I have mentioned before. Understanding this factor, you must tailor the reps & sets to your needs and to your daily strength levels. If you feel strong, rest less and go heavier. If you feel tired that day you should focus on bodyweight exercises only and give your body a less intense workout or do some GPP work. Or, take advantage of active recovery or a complete day off. Every 6 weeks or so you need to take 3 or 4 days off completely to let your mind and body recover. This mini vacation also helps you progress faster.

Remember, rest is a key portion of a solid strength training program.

Wrestling and all the training that coincides with being a top notch wrestler requires year round training. This training needs to be smart. You can work harder than everyone else but you must also train smarter. Rest & nutrition is part of the total strength and conditioning regimen. A crucial part might I add. Leave out the rest and nutrition portion of your program and you will have less than mediocre results at best!

Regarding variety, this is key in many ways. Vary the sets, reps, and weights. In addition, you can vary the speed of the movement, the grip / placement of your hands, feet and overall body as well. So when you see the exercise chin ups, pull ups, push ups, etc. take initiative and vary your exercise on your own.


Warm up:

  • Jump rope 2 minutes
  • Skipping 30 sec.
  • Galloping 30 sec.
  • Hop on each foot in different directions 30 sec. Ea. foot
  • Walking lunges 1 minute

Work out

  1. pull ups (vary grips) 3 sets 3 – 10 reps (increase reps as you get stronger)
  2. push ups 3 sets max reps
  3. bodyweight squats 3 x 20 – 30 reps
  4. bodyweight lunges 3 x 10 reps each leg
  5. parallel bar dips 2 x 3 – 10 reps
  6. knee tucks on stability ball 3 x 6 – 12 reps

Intermediate Bodyweight Work Out

Warm up:

  • Jump rope 2 minutes
  • 20 push ups (10 w/ hands shoulder width apart, 10 w/ hands close together)
  • walking lunges 1 minute
  1. A) push ups (feet elevated or hand stand push ups)3 x max reps
    B) pull ups (change grip every set)     3 x max reps
  2. A) parallel bar dips 3 x max reps
    B) leg raises while in upright dip position     3 x 8 – 15 reps
  3. A) squat jumps        3 x 30 seconds
    B) walking lunges       3 x 30 seconds
  4. A) push ups on stability ball (hands or feet on ball) 3 x 8 -15
    B) knee tucks on ball 3 x 8 – 12
  5. A) back bridge         2 x 1 minute
    B)  back bridge push ups         2 x 30seconds

This work out physically prepares the body for the more complex training sessions that you will be doing in the future. Always use proper form and the goal here is to keep challenging your mind & body. Keep pushing for an improvement with less rest or an extra rep or two. Do not be fooled, body weight training can be brutal, so push yourself big time and you will feel the difference! These workouts are great for building strength & muscular endurance. This is what a wrestler needs when third period rolls around and the match is a tie. I know you want to win, so kick some butt with this work out!


Warm up:

  • pummel with partner 1 minute
  • butt kicks while jogging (kick your heels to your butt) 1 minute
  • hip heists        45 seconds
    1. A) feet elevated push ups       4 x max reps

    2 B) chin ups      4 x max reps

    3 A) curl & press combo           4 x 8 - 12
    B) plyo push / pull – hands on stability ball         4 x 6 reps

    3 A) 1 arm high pulls         4 x 6
    B)  lateral plyo push up on medicine ball             4 x 6

    4 A) Dumbbell chest press on stability ball         4 x 8 - 12
    B) walking lunges with dumbbells 4 x 8 ea. leg

    5 A) partner sit up with medicine ball 2 x 30 seconds
    B) body weight squats 2 x 30 seconds (as fast as possible!)

This work out has moderate reps so you can focus on good form and still pushing through each movement with some speed in order to get used to feeling the muscles do the work. You do not want to go to muscle fatigue here because then your speed of the exercise slows down (something we do not want). Push through the exercise yet keep good form! Think about hitting your opponent w/ a hard double and lifting him or exploding out of the bottom in your OT match that determines if you will be in the state finals that afternoon! You know what you have to do, so DO IT!


Warm up:

  • Curl & press 1 x 15 reps
  • V up exchange with stability ball
  • Body weight squats 1 minute
    1 A) 1 legged squats 3 x 3 – 6 reps ea. leg
    B) 1 arm high pulls 3 x 8 ea. arm

    2 A) push ups with feet on stability ball 3 x 10
    B) lunge and curl combo 3 x 10

    3 A) squat & overhead press 3 x 8
    B) plyo push ups on floor 3 x 5

    4 A) pull ups 5 x 3
    B) parallel bar dips 5 x 5

    5 A) partner sit up & medicine ball throw 2 x 10
    B) V Up exchange with stability ball 2 x 10

This work out combines some strength and power by changing the rep & set combos for each exercise. There are also more combo exercises that are going to send your heart beat through the roof. They will also better mimic what occurs during wrestling which is the body performing more than one motion simultaneously. You can create your own combo exercises as well. Regarding the push ups and pull ups, you can make them more difficult in a number of ways. For pull ups & dips you can purchase a weight belt with a chain to add weight to. For push ups you can vary the placement of your hands and body as mentioned before. If things are too easy, do a push up w/ only one foot on the ball! I doubt things will be easy anymore! Still too easy? Try doing one handed push ups! I guarantee you will not be cranking out sets of 20 anymore! Be creative and challenge your body with these intense variations!


Warm up:

  • Push ups x 10
  • Parallel bar dips x 5
  • Leg raises off dip bar x 10
  • Jump rope 1 minute

This circuit is to be done non stop. In the beginning, do one circuit and then see how you feel. If it was too easy, repeat the circuit again but change the order of the exercises. Next time you will be more attuned to your physical needs and you can go slightly heavier. At the most you should 3 or 4 circuits here. If you create your own circuit, see what works best for you. You can make a circuit of 5 exercises in a row with a partner than each of you do speed drilling or live wrestling for 2 minutes. Change your training often and you will be soaring by leaps and bounds! The best work out is often the one you are NOT doing! Let’s take a look at one sample circuit.

1. chin ups x 10

2. alternate lunges x 12 ea. leg

3. dumbbell squat and press x 8

4. plyo push pull on stability ball x 5

5. body weight v ups x10

6. push ups x 12

7. dips x 8

8. 1 arm high pull x 8 ea. arm

9. sprinting up hill or on grass for 30 seconds (straight line)

10. squat jumps x 10

11. sprint back to starting point

12. squat jumps x 10

13.   rest and drink water or pass out

HAVEFUN with these and all workouts! I always recommend getting at least one partner if not two of them. You can challenge one another to greater heights and will feed off of each other’s energy.

The “No Rules” Workout

# 1

1. Pull ups , 15 sets total, each set is going to be almost max reps (leave 1 or 2 reps in the tank)

2. Sand Bag carries walking up stairs, 3 sets, 1 minute each

# 2

1. Russian Kettlebell, double clean, front squat & press, 10 sets of 3, resting 30 seconds between sets

2. Sled Press , Sled Row – do 6 reps of one exercise and then alternate – continue for a total of 10 minutes, no rest at all

# 3

1. Standing barbell push press into a barbell back squat, do 3 reps of each, rest 45 seconds between sets, do a total of 10sets

2. 1 arm kettlebell swings, 3 sets of 10, no rest between each arm

THE TRACK WORKOUT (High Octane Cardio / HOC)

Here we will incorporate sprint work with strength training. You can be creative here. You can place dumbbells on each end of the track or just use bodyweight exercises here.


  • Butt kicks 30 seconds
  • Skipping 30 sec.
  • Hopping each foot 30 sec.
  • Galloping 30 sec.

Work Out:

  1. sprint the 40 yd. Dash – followed immediately by 10 - 20 push ups (rest 1 – 3 minutes)
  2. Sprint the 40 yd Dash – immediately followed by 5 - 10 squat jumps (rest 1 – 3 minutes)
  3. 5 Long Jumps – immediately followed by sprinting for 20 seconds
  4. Sprint the ¼ mile (rest 2 minutes)
  5. Sprint the ¼ mile

Sometimes I have wrestlers run suicide sprints. Sometimes they run four ¼ mile sprints.

The ¼ mile should be done at a very fast pace because we want to train energy systems specific for wrestling. Contrary to what many have learned, you still need to rest after you do sprints. Sometimes my athletes rest the same amount of time their sprint took to complete. (i.e. sprint took 30 seconds, so they rest 30 seconds) – other times they rest as much as 5 times as long as the sprint activity took. This longer rest is done to allow the entire nervous system to recover. This long rest will allow the body to recruit the most amount of muscle involvement and train for power more efficiently.

Be creative & use variety as I always emphasize! Tough HOC workouts are when you place the dumbbells at each end of the track and perform a combination lift when you get there. Such as sprinting to the end, doing a curl – press for 12 reps, then jog to the next set of dumbbells and doing 10 squat thrust & jump squats. It will not take long before you are running for the bucket my friend!

This final program is a sample for those of you who train at a gym. Perhaps your high school gym or somewhere else, and you have access to more equipment. I am going to give you a 3 day sample program here and as always, tweak the program as you prefer, but, I highly suggest you follow the parameters I list!


Choose one exercise from below and perform up to 5 total sets. Your last set should be for 5 reps. You should still have 1 rep left in the bank as I do not want to see you sacrifice form just so you can move the weight.

5 sets of 5 reps for one of the below exercises:

  • flat / incline dumbbell chest press (sometimes the barbell)
  • weighted parallel bar dips
  • close grip bench press

Next are supplemental lifts, designed to balance your program and to be done with higher reps and sets of 3 – 4 for anywhere from 6 – 15 reps.

Choose 1 from the list below:

  • bent over barbell rows
  • 1 arm dumbbell rows

Choose 1 from the list below:

  • bent over dumbbell rear delt flys
  • standing side dumbbell laterals Choose 1 from the list below:
  • hanging leg raises
  • inverted sit ups
  • leg raise on parallel dip bar


Work up to a max set of 5 reps from one of the following:

  • trap bar deadlift or straight bar DL
  • barbell squat
  • box squats

Choose one exercise from below, 3 – 4 sets of 8 – 15 reps

  • walking dumbbell lunges
  • split squat using barbell or dumbbells
  • alternate forward or reverse lunges w/barbell or dumbbells
  • 1 leg dumbbell squat (back foot elevated on bench)
  • Barbell or dumbbell step ups

Choose one exercise from the list below, 3 – 4 sets, 6 – 10 reps

  • Leg curl holding dumbbell between feet
  • Romanian deadlift (RDL) use barbell or DB

GRIP TRAINING – choose one of the following:

  • Farmers carry with dumbbells or Olympic plates
  • Wrist roller
  • Carry hex DB’s – grip your hand around the end of the hex dumbbell – this will strengthen your fingers & grip, which must be strong!


Work up to 3 sets of maximum reps, resting 1 minute between sets Choose one exercise from below:

  • RDL’s w/bar or regular DL’s
  • Barbell squats
  • Walking lunges for 1 – 2 minutes per set

Choose one from the list below:

  • Barbell or dumbbell bench press
  • Regular push-ups, bar push-ups or suspended chain push-ups
  • Bodyweight dips
  • Dumbbell benches on Swiss ball, flat bench or incline bench

Choose one from below, doing 3 sets 10 – 20 reps:

  • Parallel bar dips
  • Close grip bench press
  • Lat pulldowns (various bars / grips)
  • Chin – Pull ups (various bars / grips)

Choose one from below, doing 3 sets 10 – 20reps:

  • Standing barbell curl
  • Standing / seated alternating dumbbell curls
  • Incline dumbbell curls
  • Hammer curls


Pick a variety of abdominal exercises and perform them in a circuit fashion. Do this continuously for 5 – 10 minutes.


Workout # 1:

  1. Wheel barrow carry: Use 25 - 50 % of bodyweight in the wheel barrow at first (you can build up to more than your own bodyweight in this exercise!), walk forwards in straight line, 3 - 5 sets, 1 - 2 minutes each set (increase difficulty by pushing the wheel barrow up hill)
  2. Sled Pull: attach a 50 ft. rope to a pulling sled, using 25 – 50% of bodyweight, pull in a hand over hand fashion until the sled reaches your feet. Body should be positioned in an athletic stance. Perform a total of 3 – 5 sets.
  3. Sand bag Carry: use a sand bag that is 25 – 50 % of bodyweight. Squat down, clean the weight explosively, and carry in a straight line. Perform 3 – 5 sets, 1 minute each set
  4. Uphill Sprints (3 – 5 sets for 20 – 40 seconds) followed by one of the following exercises for 3 – 5 sets, 10 – 20 reps:
    A) squat thrust, push up & jump, B) Hindu Push ups, C) Split squat jumps, D) push ups

Note: if Kettlebells are available, perform any of the two handed ballistic movements such as the snatch or clean at the top of the hill

Workout # 2:

  1. Sand bag rotational throw: Standing next to a fairly light sand bag (begin using a bag approximately 15% of bodyweight & progress at your own ability level), squat down and rotate, grabbing the sand bag, explosively lift, rotate and throw the bag sideways. Jog to the sand bag, and repeat 5 more time in the same direction. After 5 repetitions, repeat the same procedure for the other side. Continue in this fashion going from 5 reps, to 4, then 3, then 2, then 1 repetition. This reverse ladder fashion of repetitions can be done with higher or lower reps, as well as starting at 1 repetition, increasing to a 5 rep max, and then back down to 1 rep (totaling 9 sets this way!)
  2. Sand Bag over head carry: Clean & press the sand bag over head (use a weight 15 – 25 % of your bodyweight to start), lock arms out fully, slightly lean forward, and walk forwards for 1 minute. Repeat for 2 – 5 sets.
  3. Reverse tire drag: using a heavy tire, get a chain looped around the tire, connect a heavy duty tow strap to the chain, and loop the tow strap around your weight belt. Drag the tire while walking backwards for 3 – 5 sets, 20 – 40 seconds each set

Workout # 3:

  1. Olympic plate relay: Have a pile of Olympic plates (minimum 10) piled at one end of the gym, back yard, field, etc. Picking up one plate at a time, using both hands holding the plate in front of you (arms at 90 degree angle or held tight against body), carry the plate to the opposite end one at a time, minimum 20 ft. away. Jog, skip, or gallop back to the pile of Olympic plates, and repeat the process until all the Olympic plates have traveled across the designated area. Rest 1 minute, then repeat again for a total of 4 – 5 sets.
  2. Walking Lunges (done using bodyweight, holding DB’s, or a plate in front of body: perform3 – 4 sets for a prescribed distance or for 1 – 2 minutes.


  • As always, perform a warm up prior to training.
  • Adjust training intensity & work loads according to your own ability level.
  • The exercises, as always, can be arranged in any order, or can be added to a regular weight training day.
  • Make sure the equipment being used is in good working condition to ensure safety.
  • Perform these workouts with less sets, lighter weights, etc. for extra GPP work.
  • Getting out of the weight room and moving objects in such a fashion adds varietyand improves overall physical preparedness for any sport.
  • This type of training will also greatly improve mental toughness.

Where to purchase equipment:

  • Home depot can be your best friend. Purchase rope, chains, and wheel barrow from Home Depot.
  • Get a tire for free from a junk yard. If you have a pulling, use that instead.
  • Sand bags can also be purchased from Home Depot or another hardware store. Wrap the sand bag in 2 heavy duty contractor bags, then tape the bag up. Go to an Army Navy Store for a duffel bag, and place the sand bag inside.

After you have been training for a few months, and you have been incorporating the methods outlined in this book, you can progress through the workout below, which will last a few months. This workout incorporates exercises shown in the DVD and some are not shown. I did not want to only include exercises you have seen, forcing you to do some research and take your training to a new level. This 14 week plan has tons of variety and once again, is only ONE way you can train.


(weeks 1 2) workout 1 / Body Weight (perform 3 x week for 2 weeks keep switching the order of the exercises every workout train on non consecutive days) perform this program for 2 weeks (6 times)

1. BW squats 3 x 15 30 reps

2. floor Push ups 3 x 2 3 reps short of max reps

3. Recline Pull up 3 x 2 3 reps short of max reps

4. hang ng knee up (hold onto chin up bar or money bars)3 x max reps

5. BW alternate lunges 3 x 10 12 per leg

(weeks 3 4) workout 2 (follow same parameters as above for 2 weeks 6 workouts total)

1. BW Walk ng lunges 3 x 1 minute

2. staggered gr p push ups 2 x max reps

3. pull up 5 x 1 3 reps per set

4. feet elevated push ups 2 x max reps

5. one leg squat back foot elevated on bench 3 x 10 15 per leg

6. hang ng knee up 3 x max reps

7. farmer's carry hold ng DB's 3 x 1 minute

(week 5 6) workout 3 / free weights and BW (do 4 total workouts twice ea. week take 3 days off n between ea. workout switching the order of exercises each time)

On off days perform extra general physical preparedness (GPP) 2 x week: GPP workouts should be relatively short 15 20 minutes

  • preferred GPP activities:
  • farmers walk w/DB's or sand bags
  • wheel barrow push / pull
  • t re drag (facing the tire & away from the tire) (tie a rope around the tire attach to your weight belt or hold n your hands)
  • BW exercises in a circuit

1. Pull ups vary gr p 6 x 2 4 reps

2. plyo push ups w/hands elevated on bench 4 x 4 8 reps

3. DB step up onto bench 3 x 10 per leg

4. DB curl & press combo 3 x 15 20 reps

5. barbell bench press (med um gr p) 4 x 8 12

6. knee tucks on stab l ty ball 3 x 8 15

7. wheel barrow (load w/any res stance weights) push 3 x 1 minute (loading the wheel barrow with Olympic plates makes it easy to track the loads as opposed to throw ng n sand or rocks)

(weeks 7 8) workout 4 / free weight & BW combo ( follow same parameters as workout # 3)

1. dead lift w/trap bar 5 x 12 5 reps (last 2 sets are 5 6 reps)

2. barbell lunge 3 x 8 12

3.    Stability Ball DB chest press 3 x 10 immediately followed by plyo push ups 3 x 2 5 reps

4.    1 arm DB row 3 x 10 immediately followed by recline pull ups 3 x max reps

5.    stability ball crunch (hold DB overhead for resistance) 3 x 12

(week ) workout 5 / out door training (perform 3 total workouts varying exercise order each time)

1. walking lunges 2 x 1 minute

2. sled dragging face away from sled loop rope around weight belt (6 minutes non stop) long steps similar to speed walking

3. sand bag l ft and carry squat down explosively l ft sand bag catch it with both arms underneath ( 0 degree bend in elbows similar to curling) 3 x 1 minute each

4. monkey bars walk and pull up (walk both hands to the same bar do 1 pull up walk both hands to next bar 1 pull up repeat for max reps) do these traveling forwards or sideways on monkey bars

5. hands elevated plyo push ups (hands on park bench) 3 x 10 immediately followed by bench dips 3 x max reps

6. hanging leg raises whole holding onto monkey bars 3 x max reps

7. farmers zig zag carry hold Olympic plates in each hand us ng a pinch grip walk in between 5 sets of cones repeat 3 sets for 45 seconds 1 minute each

(week 10 13) workout 6 max effort (first exercise you progress up to a weight allow ng you to complete 5 6 qual ty reps)

1. barbell squat or dead lift (any style bar) 5 x 12 5 reps

2. barbell / DB reverse lunge 3 x 10

3. RDL w/ barbell or DB's 4 x 6  10

4. split squat plyos 3 x 30 seconds ea.

5. d p bar leg raises 3 x 10 15

6. DB farmer carry (z g zag) 2 sets hold ng 2 DB's 2 sets hold ng 1 DB (focus on obliques) 45 sec. 1 minute per set

workout 7 max effort (follow same parameters as workout 6)

1. med um / close gr p barbell bench (flat or incline) 5 x 12 5 immediately followed by plyo push up 5 x 3 6 reps

2. bent over barbell row or 1 arm DB row 4 x 6 8

3. suspended chain push ups 4 x 5 12

4. pull ups vary grip ea. set 5 x 3

5. 1 arm DB clean & press 3 x 6 8

6. back extends on (using resistance) 3 x 10 20

7. standing rope crunch(use pulley machine or jump stretch band looped over a power rack / chin up bar) 3 x 1 minute ea.

workout 8 max repeat it on day

perform 3 sets per exercise light weights 1 or 2 reps short of muscular fatigue. rest is 1 minute between sets repetitions should be above 20 and as high as 50

1. barbell / DB reverse lunges

2. Stability Ball leg curl

3. stability ball push ups (hands on)

4. lat pulldown or recline pull ups

5. standing barbell military push press

6. decline triceps XT using curl or straight bar

7. DB speed curls

8. parallel bar dips

9. stand ng rope pulley crunches

(week 14) Combo Lifting Workout

1. DB Squat and overhead press 5 x 5 6 reps

2. 1 leg squat back foot elevated and DB curl 3 x 8 10

3. parallel bar dip and leg raise 3 x 12 15

4. RDL w/ bent over barbell row 3 x 8 10

5. Renegade Man maker(use Russians kettlebells or DB's) 3 x 1 minute each

how to do a renegade man maker: push up pos t on hands on DB's or KB's perform 1 arm row for each s de then a push up then jump forward w/feet outs de of weights n a low squat tuck clean the weights up press wights overhead together or in alternate fash on that equals 1 rep!

Notes regarding the workouts the renegade man maker was inspired by Mikee Mahler! very tough for the entire body and very effective.

The workouts regard ng max effort / max reps were inspired by a great program from joeidefranco wests de for skinny bastards

The combo l ft ng has always been a favorite of m ne and s very useful for wrestlers alwyn cosgrove opened up my m nd more so to all the wonderful combos that can be created  the bodyweight programs are an excellent place to start the guidelines of 2 weeks or 6 workouts etc. are just that  only guidelines  accord ng to how you are progress ng the t me spent on each program must change accord ngly

In essence no workout s the same n some form or another things should be changed  the set rep  rest  tempo order of exercises are just a few variables you can manipulate

DB exercises can be substituted w/ barbells or Russian kettlebells. supersets and circuits can be thrown into the m x as well.

On a note from Lou e Simmons perform extra GPP (general physical preparedness) workouts often & year round do them to address weak points as well as to increase your ability to tolerated ff cult workouts. GPP days do not necessarily need to be sled dragging and sand bag carries etc. they can be high rep days where you perform more BW exercises light stab l ty ball and med ball exercises  or high reps on the bas c movements bench press squatting dead l ft ng etc.

The breakdown of perform ng particular workouts for a few weeks or one week are also general guidelines. The max effort max rep workouts require you to continuously change your ma n exercises and replace them w/exercises that are similar in nature. For example replace the squat w/feel elevated dead lifts replace the RDL w/ a good morn ng var at on. Do not use the same exercise for more than 3 weeks at a t me. Change the exercise to give the central nervous system t me to recuperate.

Improv ng your lactate tolerance levels: perform bas c exercises with high reps. Squatting and dead l ft ng for sets of 20 w ll challenge you physically as well as mentally. In add t on the variety increases your response rate to strength training.

Strength Endurance: this is key n wrestling you must be able to stay strong for the entire duration of the match. This is why some exercises have low reps and high sets pull ups for 6 10 sets of 2 5 reps with short rest intervals are great for strength endurance.

Energy System Training: wrestlers will not benefit too much from d stance jogging. High Octane card o and sprint ng are much more appropriate training methods for wrestlers.

High Octane card has been address by Jason Brown here on Sport Specific.

In a nut shell set up 2 stations at opposite ends of a tennis court basketball court track empty field etc.

Jog from one stat on to the next. Perform an explosive movement for 2030 seconds jog to the next station and perform a new explosive movement.

here are a few exercise options to choose from:

  • DB curl & press
  • 1 arm DB clean & press
  • Squat thrust push up & jump
  • squat jumps
  • KB or DB snatch
  • push ups or plyo push ups
  • DB speed curls

conclusion: this program does not need to be followed n stone. There are infinite variations you can use in add it on to what s outlined here. variety is a key component in every quality program so this is a large reason as to why workouts are broken down  into 1 3 weeks sections.

Research other training methods & nutrition and put together program that works best for you. Nothing beats hands on experimentation and experience. These workouts will do nothing if effort is not put forth and a quality nutrition program must be followed.

Good luck & let me know how you do with the program!

These are enough workouts to get you started!! The rest is up to you and requires research & experimentation. It does not cost a lot to purchase this equipment and as I mentioned before, if you do not want to purchase all of the items, then make due with just your body. After all, you are using your body during wrestling in hand to hand combat.

Before you start a program with free weights you should be able to master your own body. Exercises such as pull ups, dips, push ups, squats and one legged squats should be mastered first! Train like a gladiator and you will be tough like a gladiator. Take time to train your mind as well. The mind is the key to everything. You can work harder than anyone in the state, but if you do not believe in yourself then you are going to have nothing more than a mediocre season at best. I have watched some not so hard workers qualify for the states while some of the hardest workers did not believe in their ability and never made it out of the district.

Will you wake up 15 years from now and talk about everything you could have or should have accomplished? Or, will you look back and know that you left it all out on the mat each and every time?

My older brother was in the military for two countries and in more than one elite fighting unit. The training they went through was brutal on the easiest of days. Some of the training was so brutal that it was known to be deadly as well. To enable themselves to make it through this hell, they had to mentally be in a state of which they felt they were indomitable. One of their mottos was:

“Today I have given all I have. That which I have kept is lost forever.”

This motto says a lot for wrestlers and all gladiators to learn from. If you did not give your all during a certain practice or match, there is no turning back in time and getting a second chance. You have a chance to do something great in this life. Be a leader and clear a path for others to always look up to and follow!

Please be sure to contact me & let me know how your training and wrestling is going. Perhaps one day we will meet, and I look forward to that as well.

Body Weight Exercises
Push Up Variations

Staggered Hands

Feet Elevated

Stability Ball Push Ups

One Hand Elevated

Medicine Ball Walkovers

One Hand Push Ups

Suspended Chain Push Ups

Plyometric Push Ups

Pull Ups Wide Grip

Reverse Grip


Dip Bar Leg Raises

Single Leg Squat

Alternate Lunges

Walking Lunges

Squat Push Pull

Russian Kettlebell Exercises Swings

Juggling Swings

Cleans to Press


Alternate Press

Renegade Man Maker

Free Weight Exercises Hang Clean (& Jerk)

Dumbbell Clean (& Jerk)

Dumbbell Row Variations

Barbell Row Variations

Dumbbell Bench Press Variations

Shoulder Press

Bicep Curl Variations EZ Curl

Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Balance Curls

Dumbbell Curl to Press

Dumbbell Squat to Press

Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge to Press

Weight Plate Squat

Weight Plate Wood Chop

Weight Plate Rotational Lift & Press

Plyometric Exercises

Tuck Jumps

Squat Tuck Jumps

Split Squat Jumps

Long Jumps

Plyometric Push Ups

Medicine Ball Throws

Squat & Throw

Granny Throw

Partner Side Toss

Full Rotation Throw

Sled Drills

Power Walks

Backward Power Walks


Forward Drags

Backward Drags


Sumo Walks

Sumo Pull Through

Chest Press




Diagonal Lift & Pull

DISCLAIMER: This post on our site is not responsible in any way, shape or form regarding any injuries that may result from following the training programs outlined here. It is advised that all readers get a full medical check up and clearance prior to performing this or any exercise program. The workouts listed may be too strenuous for some individuals and should only be done under the supervision of a trained professional.

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