The Theological Process

ExegesisThe process of seeking to determine the correct meaning out of a particular passage of Scripture.
Biblical theologyThe study of scriptural revelation based on the historical framework presented in the Bible.
Systematic theologyA study that answers the question, “What does the whole Bible teach us today about a given topic?”
Historical theologyThe study of how believers in different eras of the history of the church have understood various theological topics.
Philosophical theologyThe study of theological topics primarily through the use of the tools and methods of philosophical reasoning and information gained from nature and reason (“general revelation”) apart from the Bible.
Practical theologyThe study of how to best apply theological truths to the life of the church and the world (including preaching, Christian education, counseling, evangelism, missions, church administration, worship, etc.).
ApologeticsThe study of theology for the purpose of defending Christian teaching against criticism and distortion, and giving evidences of its credibility.

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