The Parables of Jesus

The Purpose of the Parables13:10–174:10–128:9–10
The Sower13:1–9, 18–234:1–9, 13–208:4–8, 11–15
The Weeds13:24–30, 36–434:26–29
The Mustard Seed13:31–324:30–3213:18–19
The Leaven13:3313:20–21
The Hidden Treasure13:44
The Pearl of Great Value13:45–46
The Net13:47–50
The Lost Sheep18:10–1415:3–7
The Unforgiving Servant18:23–35
The Two Sons21:28–32
The Tenants21:33–4412:1–1120:9–18
The Wedding Feast22:1–1414:16–24
The Ten Virgins25:1–13
The Talents25:14–3019:11–27
The Good Samaritan10:29–37
The Rich Fool12:16–21
The Barren Fig Tree13:6–9
The Wedding Feast14:7–11
The Lost Coin15:8–10
The Prodigal Son15:11–32
The Dishonest Manager16:1–9
The Rich Man and Lazarus16:19–31
The Persistent Widow18:1–8
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector18:9–14

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