The Judges

JudgeReferenceTribeOppressorPeriod of OppressionPeriod of RestTotal Length of Time*
Othniel3:7–11JudahMesopotamians8 years (3:8)40 years (3:11)48 years
Ehud3:12–30BenjaminMoabites18 years (3:14)80 years (3:30)98 years
Deborahchs. 4–5EphraimCanaanites20 years (4:3)40 years (5:31)60 years
Gideonchs. 6–8ManassehMidianites7 years (6:1)40 years (8:28)47 years
Tola10:1–2Issachar23 years (10:2)23 years
Jair10:3–5Gilead-Manasseh22 years (10:3)22 years
Jephthah10:6–12:7Gilead-ManassehAmmonites24 years (10:8; 12:7)24 years
Ibzan12:8–10Judah or Zebulun?7 years (12:9)7 years
Elon12:11–12Zebulun10 years (12:11)10 years
Abdon12:13–15Ephraim8 years (12:14)8 years
Samsonchs. 13–16DanPhilistines40 years (13:1)20 years (15:20; 16:31)60 years

* Added together, the dates in this column total about 410 years. However, many of the episodes in Judges overlap each other, unfolding in different parts of the land.

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