The Journey of the Ark of the Covenant in 1–2 Samuel

1 Sam. 3:3The Lord calls to Samuel who is sleeping in the tent of meeting, “where the ark of God was”
1 Samuel 4Philistines capture the ark (for seven months: 1 Sam. 6:1)
1 Sam. 5:1–7Philistines bring the ark to Ashdod, setting it up next to the idol Dagon
1 Sam. 5:8–9Philistines bring the ark to Gath
1 Sam. 5:10–12Philistines send the ark to Ekron
1 Sam. 6:10–15Philistines return the ark with guilt offering to Beth-shemesh
1 Sam. 6:19–21The Lord strikes 70 men for looking upon the ark
1 Sam. 7:1–2Men of Kiriath-jearim take the ark to the house of Abinadab (where it stays for 20 years)
1 Sam. 14:18Saul commands Ahijah to bring the ark to the war camp
2 Sam. 6:2–5David begins to move the ark to Jerusalem on a cart
2 Sam. 6:6–7The Lord strikes Uzzah dead for holding on to the ark
2 Sam. 6:10–11David takes the ark to the house of Obed-edom, where it stays for three months
2 Sam. 6:12–17David brings the ark to Jerusalem, and places it inside the tent he pitched for it
2 Sam. 15:24–25Zadok brings the ark to David, who commands him to carry it back to Jerusalem
2 Sam. 15:29Zadok and Abiathar carry the ark back to Jerusalem

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