The High Priest’s Holy Garments

The illustration depicts the holy garments worn by the high priests (Exodus 28; 39).

The turban of fine linen held a plate of pure shining gold, on which were engraved the Hebrew words for “Holy to YHWH.”

The ephod (a colorful linen torso garment held by a skillfully woven waistband) had two shoulder pieces, each holding an onyx stone. The names of the 12 sons of Israel were engraved on these two stones. The cloth breastpiece of judgment had four rows, each with three precious stones. Each of these stones had engraved upon it the name of one of the tribes of Israel. The breastpiece also contained the Urim and the Thummim, and was attached to the ephod by gold chains and rings. The blue robe was worn under the ephod (Lev. 8:7–8); colorful imitation pomegranates lined the hem of the robe, alternating with golden bells. The white coat or tunic of checkered weave and fine linen was probably held by the embroidered sash under the robe.

The High Priest’s Holy Garments

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