The Divided Kingdom: Kings of Judah (all dates b.c.)

KingYears of ReignTotal YearsAccession Year*Possible Co-ReignsReferences in 1–2 Kings**Notes
Rehoboam931/930–915/914171 Kings 12:1–24; 14:21–31
Abijah/Abijam915/914–912/911318 of Jeroboam I1 Kings 15:1–8
Asa912/911–871/8704120 of Jeroboam I1 Kings 15:9–24
Jehoshaphat871/870–849/848254 of Ahabwith Asa from 8731 Kings 22:41–50
Jehoram/Joram849/848–8427 (8)5 of Joramwith Jehoshaphat from 8532 Kings 8:16–24Married Athaliah, a daughter of Ahab (Israel)
Ahaziah842–8411 (2)11 of Joram2 Kings 8:25–29; 9:21–28Killed by Jehu (Israel) in 841
Athaliah (Q.)841–83562 Kings 11:1–20Killed by Jehoiada the priest
Joash/Jehoash835–796/79539 (40)7 of Jehu2 Kings 12:1–21Hidden from Athaliah for 6 years (841–835) by Jehosheba, the sister of Ahaziah; protected by Jehoiada the priest
Amaziah796/795–767292 of Joash/Jehoash2 Kings 14:1–22
Uzziah/Azariah767–740/7395227 of Jeroboam IIwith Amaziah from 7912 Kings 15:1–7
Jotham750–735/73016 (20)2 of PekahUzziah is alive in 750 but inactive in rule (cf. 2 Kings 15:5)2 Kings 15:32–38
Ahaz735/730–71516 (20)17 of Pekah2 Kings 16:1–20
Hezekiah715–687/686293 of Hosheawith Ahaz from 7282 Kings 18:1–20:21
Manasseh687/686–64255No further accession dates after fall of Israel in 722with Hezekiah from 697/6962 Kings 21:1–18
Amon642–64022 Kings 21:19–26
Josiah640–609312 Kings 22:1–23:30Killed by Pharaoh Neco of Egypt
Jehoahaz6093 months2 Kings 23:31–34Taken by Pharaoh Neco to Egypt
Jehoiakim609–598112 Kings 23:35–24:7Set on the throne by Pharaoh Neco of Egypt
Jehoiachin/Jeconiah598–5973 months2 Kings 24:8–17; 25:27–30Exiled to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar in 597; released and honored by Evil-merodach of Babylon in 562
Zedekiah597–586112 Kings 24:18–20Zedekiah is Jehoiachin’s uncle; Jerusalem and Judah fall to Babylon in 586

*This chart follows the dating method found in both Kings and Chronicles: For Judah, accession to the throne is marked by a year within the reign of a king of Israel. Parentheses—e.g., 39 (40)—indicate non-accession year dating (year of accession is counted in the totals of both the predecessor and the new king). The actual number of years in a reign can be determined by subtracting 1 from the number given (40 – 1 = 39 actual years).

**The verses cited in 1–2 Kings do not include the initial mention of a ruler, which occurs in reference to the death of his father (e.g., Abijam in 1 Kings 14:31).

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