The Divided Kingdom: Kings of Israel (all dates b.c.)

KingYears of ReignTotal YearsAccession Year*Possible Co-ReignsReferences in 1–2 Kings**Notes
Jeroboam I931/930–911/91021 (22)1 Kings 11:26–40; 12:1–14:20
Nadab911/910–910/9091 (2)2 of Asa1 Kings 15:25–32Killed by Baasha
Baasha910/909–887/88623 (24)3 of Asa1 Kings 15:27–16:7
Elah887/886–886/8851 (2)26 of Asa1 Kings 16:8–14Killed by Zimri
Zimri886/8857 days26 of Asa1 Kings 16:9–20Killed himself by burning the king’s house down while he was in it
Omri886/885–875/87411 (12)31 of AsaTibni reigns after Zimri for 5 years as rival to Omri1 Kings 16:16–17, 21–28
Ahab875/874–85321 (22)38 of Asa1 Kings 16:29–17:1; 18:1–19:3; 20:1–22:40
Ahaziah853–8521 (2)17 of Jehoshaphat1 Kings 22:51–53; 2 Kings 1:1–18
Joram/Jehoram852–84111 (12)18 of Jehoshaphat2 Kings 3:1–27; (“king of Israel” in6:8–7:20);9:14–26Killed by Jehu in 841
Jehu841–814/81327 (28)2 Kings 9:1–10:36
Jehoahaz814/813–798/79716 (17)23 of Joash/Jehoash2 Kings 13:1–9
Joash/Jehoash798/797–782/78115 (16)37 of Joash/Jehoash2 Kings 13:10–25; 14:8–16
Jeroboam II782/781–7534115 of Amaziahwith Joash/Jehoash from 793/7922 Kings 14:23–29
Zechariah753–7526 months38 of Uzziah2 Kings 15:8–12Killed by Shallum
Shallum7521 month39 of Uzziah2 Kings 15:10, 13–16Killed by Menahem
Menahem752–742/7411039 of Uzziah2 Kings 15:14–22
Pekahiah742/741–740/739250 of Uzziah2 Kings 15:23–26Killed by Pekah
Pekah740/739–732/73120***52 of Uzziah20 years counted from 752 to include the reigns of rivals Menahem and Pekahiah2 Kings 15:25, 27–31Killed by Hoshea
Hoshea732/731–722912 of Ahaz2 Kings 15:30; 17:1–6Samaria and Israel fall to Assyria in 722

* This chart follows the dating method found in both Kings and Chronicles: For Israel, accession to the throne is marked by a year within the reign of a king of Judah. Parentheses—e.g., 21 (22)—indicate non-accession year dating (year of accession is counted in the totals of both the predecessor and the new king). The actual number of years in a reign can be determined by subtracting 1 from the number given (22 – 1 = 21 actual years).

**The verses cited in 1–2 Kings do not include the initial mention of a ruler when it occurs in reference to the death of his father (e.g., Nadab in 1 Kings 14:20).

***See 2 Kings 15:27–31.

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