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The performance for design software to be able to reduce the lag time (the time from when you execute a command until it completes), a number of settings within SolidWorks and the operating system can speed up or slow down performance. There is no single way to set up SolidWorks, so it is important to understand the effects of different settings in order to make an informed choice. Often, improved performance comes at the expense of model image quality.

Solidworks Part Modeling Technique

Good efficient assemblies start with good efficient parts. As parts are core elements of large assemblies, they need to be model sensibly and efficiently. Part design always has to start with a plan as to how to model it efficiently, with properly placed reference geometry. One key element when modeling parts is to establish the design intent. Once this is done, you can plan part construction by considering these elements.

Large Assembly Design Using Solidworks

The term “large assembly” means different things to different people, so how do we define a large assembly? Large assemblies are not defined by the number of components or physical properties; rather, they have two primary characteristics. An assembly is considered large if: It uses all your system resources. It hurts productivity.

These characteristics can be further divided and be caused by many of the following traits…