Qualifications for Elders in 1 Timothy and Titus

1 TimothyTitus
3:2above reproach1:6, 7above reproach
3:2husband of one wife1:6husband of one wife
3:2able to teach1:9able to give instruction
3:3not a drunkard1:7not … a drunkard
3:3not violent but gentle1:7not … violent
3:3not quarrelsome1:7not be arrogant or quick-tempered
3:3not a lover of money1:7not … greedy for gain
3:4–5manage his own household well, care for God’s church1:7God’s steward
3:4keeping his children submissive1:6children are believers (or “faithful”), not insubordinate
3:6not a recent convert
3:7well thought of by outsiders
1:8a lover of good; upright, holy

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