Psalms Connected to Incidents in David’s Life

3David flees from and battles Absalom2 Samuel 15–17
7The words of Cush, a Benjaminite (persecution by Saul?)Unknown
18David delivered from enemies and from Saul2 Samuel 22
30Dedication of the templeNothing in David’s lifetime; cf. 1 Kings 8:63
34David delivered from danger by feigning madness in the presence of King Achish of Gath1 Sam. 21:12–22:1
51Nathan confronts David about his adultery with Bathsheba2 Samuel 11–12
52Doeg the Edomite tells Saul that David went to the house of Ahimelech1 Sam. 22:9–19
54The Ziphites tell Saul that David is hiding among them1 Sam. 23:19
56The Philistines seize David in Gath1 Sam. 21:10–11
57David flees from Saul into a cave1 Sam. 22:1 or 24:3
59Saul sends men to watch David’s house in order to kill him1 Sam. 19:11
60David’s victory over Transjordan2 Sam. 8:1–14
63David in the desert of Judah2 Samuel 15–17?; 1 Sam. 23:14–15?
142David flees from Saul into a caveSame as Psalm 57

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