Key Themes in Titus

1. The gospel by its nature produces godliness in the lives of believers. There is no legitimate separation between belief and behavior.1:1; 2:1, 11–14; 3:4–7
2. One’s deeds will either prove or disprove one’s claim to know God.1:16
3. It is vitally important to have godly men serving as elders/pastors.1:5–9
4. True Christian living will commend the gospel to others.2:5, 8, 10
5. Good works have an important place in the lives of believers.2:1–10, 14; 3:1–2, 8, 14
6. It is important to deal clearly and firmly with doctrinal and moral error in the church.1:10–16; 3:9–11
7. The gospel is the basis for Christian ethics.2:11–14; 3:3–7

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