Key Themes in Philippians

1. Christians need to keep making progress in their lives.1:12, 25; 3:12–16
2. A proper spiritual outlook is critical for progress in the faith.1:5–11; 2:1–11; 3:7, 15; 4:7–9
3. Christ is the supreme example of loving and faithful service to God, and mature Christians can also serve as role models in this regard.1:12–26; 2:5–11, 19–30; 3:3–17; 4:9
4. Suffering will come, but through faith it can be met with joy.1:12–26; 2:14–15; 4:4, 11–13, 19
5. Prayer is crucial for maintaining a joyful Christian life.1:3–11; 4:5–7
6. The gospel is not individualistic: Christians are to share in rich fellowship with one another, and to be united together in service to promote the gospel.1:4, 7, 24–27; 2:1–4, 19–30; 4:2–4, 14
7. The old covenant and observance of the law cannot provide the necessary right standing with God. Believers can be saved only through faith in Jesus Christ.3:2–10
8. Jesus is fully God and fully man. Because of his suffering on the cross, he is now exalted as Lord and Christ.2:5–11

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