Key Themes in Ephesians

1. All people are by nature spiritually dead, transgressors of God’s law, and under the rule of Satan.1:7; 2:1–3, 5, 11–12
2. God predestined his elect to redemption and holiness in Christ according to the free counsel of his will.1:3–14; 2:4, 8–9
3. God’s rich mercy in Christ has saved sinners; this free gift is by grace through faith alone.1:7–8; 2:4–14
4. Christ’s earthly work of redemption was part of his cosmic reconciliation and exaltation in this age and the next.1:15–23; 3:1–13
5. Christ’s reconciliation entails uniting all people, whether Jew or Gentile, into his one body, the church, as a new creation.1:23; 2:10–22; 3:1–21; 4:1–6
6. Christ’s people are renewed to new lives of holiness in thought, word, and deed, and must reject their old, sinful lifestyles.4:1–3, 17–32; 5:1–20
7. Holiness of life entails submission to proper authorities, and loving and considerate care for those in submission.5:21–6:9
8. Christ has given powerful gifts to his church to bring about her unity, maturity, and defense against the onslaughts of the devil and his allies.4:7–16; 6:10–19

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