Key Themes in 2 Peter

1. God, through his grace in Jesus Christ, has granted to Christians the privilege of partaking of the divine nature.1:2–4
2. God’s grace results in godliness.1:5–15
3. The revelation of truth in Christ (and in Scripture, 1:19) is sure because it is from God and not from man-made myths.1:16–21
4. False teachers are bound over for destruction at the hand of God.2:1–10
5. False teachers are ethically bankrupt.2:11–22
6. Believers must endure in the face of opposition, knowing that they live in the last days.3:1–13
7. The Lord is patient with his creation, but will surely return in judgment like a thief in the night.3:8–10
8. God rescues the righteous.2:7–9; 3:13–18

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