Key Themes in 1 Timothy

1. The gospel produces holiness in the lives of believers, and there is no legitimate separation between belief and behavior. Thus, those who profess faith but do not demonstrate any progress in godliness should question their spiritual state.1:5; 2:8–15; 3:1–16; 4:6–16; 5:4–6, 8; 6:3–5, 11–14, 18–19
2. Worldwide evangelization is essential and is rooted in God’s own evangelistic desire.1:15; 2:1–7; 3:16; 4:10
3. One key evidence of reception of the gospel is proper behavior in corporate worship (evangelistic prayer, unity, modesty, and submission).2:1–15
4. Church leaders should be people whose lives are shaped by the gospel.3:1–13; 4:6–16
5. Appropriate honor is a key element in how Christians should relate to one another in the church.5:1–6:2
6. The created order (e.g., wealth) is good and is to be appreciated, though not worshiped.4:4–5; 6:17–19
7. It is important to labor for the purity and preservation of the gospel.1:3–7, 18–20; 4:6–16; 6:2b–3, 12, 20–21

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