Key Themes in 1 Thessalonians

1. The wrath of God comes on those who reject the gospel.2:16; 5:3
2. Jesus’ death and resurrection are the basis for the Christian’s hope.4:14; 5:10
3. Christians are destined not for wrath but for salvation at Jesus’ coming.1:10; 5:4, 9
4. Christians who die will participate fully in the second coming.4:14–17; 5:10
5. Those who respond to the gospel have been elected by God in prehistory and called by God, and they continue to be called by God throughout their earthly lives.1:4; 2:12; 4:7; 5:9, 24
6. Christians should live lives of comprehensive holiness.3:13; 4:3–8; 5:23
7. Christians must never shirk their responsibility to work.4:9–12; 5:14
8. The authenticity of the gospel is confirmed by the integrity of its preachers.1:5; 2:1–12
9. Joy, especially in suffering, is a mark of the Christian.1:6; 5:16
10. Christians experience the realities of the prophesied new covenant.4:8–9
11. Faith, hope, and love are essential and universal traits of the Christian.1:2–3; 5:8

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