Key Themes in 1 Peter

1. Those who suffer as Christians will be exalted.1:6–9; 2:18–25; 3:13–22; 4:12–19
2. The church of Jesus Christ is the new temple, the new Israel, the new people of God.1:1–2; 2:4–10
3. Believers should set their hope on their end-time inheritance.1:3–9, 13–16
4. Christ died as a substitute for sinners, and his death is the basis for their new life.1:17–21; 2:24; 3:13–22
5. Christ’s suffering is an example to his disciples.2:21–23
6. At his resurrection, Christ triumphed over his enemies.3:18–22
7. Christians should live righteously in their homes and in society.2:11–3:7
8. New life in Christ is the basis for a life of love and holiness.1:3; 1:13–2:3

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