Holy Feasts

The Sabbath principle permeates each of these feasts, which are intended to express the divine-human relationship. Each feast requires (1) cessation from ordinary work and (2) dedication to the Lord by means of offerings.

FeastReferenceGeneral time of yearSpecific time of yearModern equivalentSignificance
Sabbath23:3Weekly7th daySaturdayCreation
Passover23:4–8Spring14th of first month (Abib)March/April (Easter)Salvation
Firstfruits23:9–14Spring16th of first month (Abib)March/April (Easter)Dedication
Weeks23:15–21Spring1st of third month (Sivan)PentecostDedication
Trumpets23:23–25Fall1st of seventh month (Tishri)SeptemberSolemn assembly; spiritual preparation
Day of Atonement23:26–32Fall10th of seventh month (Tishri)September/OctoberRedemption
Booths23:33–36Fall15th–22nd of seventh month (Tishri)September/OctoberJoyful remembrance of the Lord’s historic guidance

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