High Octane Cardio is a great way to prep your self whether it is in season or off season. This includes bouts of moderate intensity exercise with bouts of anaerobic exercise. Wrestling matches simulate such an up & down energy exertion. There are times in a match where the intensity is great, other times when the intensity is a bit lower. I start my athletes doing HOC for 5 minutes or less depending on their current fitness level. In time, many have worked up to doing 20 minutes of HOC! This challenged my toughest athletes physically & mentally!

Refer to the DVD, The Ultimate Guide to Sport Specific Conditioning, for a short sample of HOC. Let me explain a few ways to use HOC though. Go to an empty basketball court. Place a pair of DB’s on each side, or, perhaps just place one pair on one side, and the other side of the basketball court will include a BW exercise or a plyo move. Jog from one side of the court to the first station, perform 20 seconds of explosive curl & press combo lifts with the DB’s, skip back to the other side, perform 20 seconds worth of squat jumps, gallop to the other side, perform 20 seconds of bent over DB rows (use both DB’s), jog back to the other side, perform 20 seconds of push ups, perform karaoka to the other side, when you get there, perform 20 squats holding the DB’s either down at your sides or on your shoulders – try varying the movement you do when traveling across the court – this works the body to a greater extent, and will develop better coordination and body awareness, as well as improve your joint strength & stability.

COMBO LIFTING is a great way to get the body working as a unit. In wrestling, or any sport for that matter, we never isolate one area of the body. Wrestling involves all muscles! So, why not train your body in such a way? Combo lifts are when you combine at least 2 exercises together. An example I use often is the DB curl & press – doing 10 DB curls and then 10 presses is NOT a combo lift – the combo is when you link the moves together.

Here are some of my favorite combo lifts:

  • DB curl & press
  • DB squat, curl & press
  • Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) & bent over barbell row
  • Barbell or DB hang clean & press
  • Parallel bar dip & leg raise
  • DB lunge & curl
  • DB lunge & press
  • Squat, push, jump & pull (squat thrust combined w/ a pull up)

There are many others, you can create them on your own or do some research. A combo lift will get your heart rate elevated and can be used with heavy weights or light weights. Some combos lend them selves to heavy weights & vice versa. You can do a workout that is only combo lifts (good for max repetition day) or you can include one or two of them into your supplementary lifts after doing a max effort exercise. The possibilities are endless!

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