Harmony of the Events of Holy Week

Friday/SaturdayJesus arrives in Bethany12:1
Mary anoints Jesus12:2–8
Crowd comes to see Jesus12:9–11
SundayTriumphal entry into Jerusalem21:1–1111:1–1019:28–4412:12–18
Some Greeks seek Jesus12:20–36
Enters temple11:11
Returns to Bethany21:1711:11
MondayJesus curses the fig tree21:18–1911:12–14
Clears the temple21:12–1311:15–1719:45–46
Returns to Bethany with the Twelve11:19
TuesdayDisciples see the withered fig tree on the return to Jerusalem21:20–2211:20–21
Temple controversies in Jerusalem21:23–23:3911:27–12:4420:1–21:4
Olivet Discourse on the return to Bethany24:1–25:4613:1–3721:5–36
WednesdayJesus continues daily teaching in the temple21:37–38
Sanhedrin plots to kill Jesus26:3–514:1–222:1–2
Wednesday/ThursdayPreparations for the Passover26:17–1914:12–1622:7–13
ThursdayPassover meal/Last Supper26:20–3514:17–2622:14–30
Upper Room Discourse13:1–17:26
Jesus prays in Gethsemane26:36–4614:32–4222:39–46
FridayBetrayal and arrest (after midnight?)26:47–5614:43–5222:47–5318:2–12
Jewish trial:
—before Annas18:13–24
—before Caiaphas and part of the Sanhedrin26:57–7514:53–7222:54–6518:19–24
—before full Sanhedrin (after sunrise?)27:1–215:122:66–71
Roman trials:
—before Pilate27:2–1415:2–523:1–5
—before Herod23:6–12
—before Pilate27:15–2615:6–1523:13–2518:28–19:16
Crucifixion (approx. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)27:27–5415:16–3923:26–4919:16–37
Burial (evening)27:57–6115:42–4723:50–5419:38–42
SundayEmpty-tomb witnesses28:1–816:1–824:1–12
Resurrection appearances28:9–2016:9–2024:13–5320:1–21:25

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