Events of 1–2 Samuel Referenced in the Psalms

1 SamuelIncidentPsalm
19:11David’s house surrounded59
21:10–11David seized by Achish56
21:12–22:1David escapes from Achish (called Abimelech in Psalm 34 title)34
22:1 (possibly also 24:3)David in cave57; 142
22:9–19Doeg the Edomite52
23:14–15 (possibly)Desert of Judah63
23:19David betrayed by Ziphites54
2 SamuelIncidentPsalm
8:1–14Victory over Transjordan60
chs. 11–12Against house of Uriah51
chs. 15–17Absalom’s revolt3
chs. 15–17 (possibly)Desert of Judah63
ch. 22Victory over all enemies18

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