Echoes of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in James

1:2joy amid trials5:10–12
1:4exhortation to be perfect5:48
1:5asking God for good things7:7–11
1:17God the giver of good7:11
1:20against anger5:22
1:22hearers and doers of the word7:24–27
2:5poor inherit the kingdom5:3, 5
2:10keeping the whole law5:19
2:13merciful receive mercy5:7
3:12know them by their fruits7:16
3:18blessings of peacemakers5:9
4:2–3ask and you will receive7:7–8
4:4serving God vs. friendship with the world6:24
4:9–10consolation for mourners5:4
4:11–12against judging others7:1–5
4:13–14living for today6:34
5:2–5moth and rust spoiling earthly treasures6:19
5:10prophets as examples and patterns5:12
5:12against oaths5:33–37

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