Dated Events from Exodus 40 to Numbers 10

Ex. 40:2Tabernacle set up1.1.2Tabernacle set upNum. 7:1
Lev. 1:1Laws from tabernacle beginOfferings for altar beginNum. 7:3
Lev. 8:1Ordination of priests begins
Lev. 9:1Ordination completed8.1.2
Lev. 10:1–3Death of Nadab and Abihu
Lev. 24:10–23Blasphemer dies
12.1.2Offerings for altar endNum. 7:78
Appointment of LevitesNum. 8:5
14.1.2Second PassoverNum. 9:2
1.2.2Census beginsNum. 1:1
14.2.2Delayed PassoverNum. 9:11
20.2.2Cloud movesNum. 10:11

*The date formula is day.month.year. For example, 1.1.2 = the first day of the first month of the second year. All of these events occurred in the second year after the exodus. (For modern equivalents to the months see The Hebrew Calendar.)

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