Concept of Church in New Testament

Church been categorised as universal church (invisible) and Local (visible) Church. Universal Church serves well as the body of Christ, where on earth or in heaven. Local Church stands for a Church in a house. In fact in (1 Cor 1:2) several house Churches were included addressed as one local Church in a city of Corinth. Yet the singular word Church is designated to several Churches in a region Acts 9:31. The concept of local Church can include a group in a single house / several groups in a city / many groups in a region. Hence with no offence the local Church is referred to visible groups that comes in contact with each other.

Universal Church includes all believers in heaven or on earth.
Local Church is particular assembly who’s primary position is to keep relationship with God through Christ.

Visible Church is Local Church in various areas.

Every believer belongs to all three aspects of Church (1 Cor 10:32).

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