Comparison of 1–2 Chronicles with 2 Samuel and 1–2 Kings

1 Chronicles2 Samuel
Death of Saul and sons10:1–141 Sam. 31:1–2 Sam. 1:16
Lament for Saul2 Sam. 1:17–27
David king of Judah2:1–7
War between house of Saul and David; Ish-bosheth made king2:8–3:1
David’s sons in Hebron3:2–5
Abner helps David3:6–21
Joab kills Abner3:22–39
Ish-bosheth killed4:1–12
David king of Judah and Israel11:1–35:1–5
Conquest of Jerusalem11:4–95:6–10
David’s mighty men11:10–4723:8–39
David’s men at Ziklag12:1–22
Celebration at Hebron12:23–40
Attempted return of ark; death of Uzzah13:1–146:1–11
David’s house built14:1–25:11–12
David’s children in Jerusalem14:3–75:13–16
David defeats Philistines14:8–175:17–25
Spiritual preparation for the ark’s return15:1–24
Ark brought to Jerusalem15:25–16:66:12–19
David and Michal6:20–23
David’s psalm of praise16:7–43
David’s desire to build the temple17:1–27:1–3
Davidic covenant17:3–157:4–17
David’s prayer of praise17:16–277:18–29
David’s victories18:1–138:1–14
David’s officials18:14–178:15–18
David helps Mephibosheth9:1–13
Ammonites defeated19:1–1510:1–14
Syrians defeated19:16–1910:15–19
Ammonites defeated20:1–311:1; 12:26–31
David and Bathsheba11:2–12:25
Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom13:1–14:33
Absalom’s rebellion15:1–19:43
Sheba’s rebellion20:1–26
Famine; death of Saul’s sons21:1–14
War with Philistines; the Philistine giants20:4–821:15–22
David’s psalm of deliverance22:1–51
David’s last words23:1–7
David’s census21:1–2724:1–25
David plans for the temple21:28–22:5
David’s charge to Solomon and the leaders22:6–19
David organizes temple personnel23:1–26:32
Israel’s military27:1–15
Israel’s leaders27:16–34
David’s charge to Israel; affirmation of Solomon28:1–10
Pattern for the temple28:11–21
Offerings for the temple29:1–9
David’s prayer of thanks for the temple29:10–19
1 Kings
David and Abishag1:1–4
Adonijah claims the throne1:5–27
Solomon’s coronation29:20–251:28–40
David instructs Solomon2:1–9
Death of David29:26–302:10–11
Solomon establishes his kingdom2:12–46
2 Chronicles
Solomon marries Pharaoh’s daughter3:1–3
Solomon at Gibeon1:1–63:4
God gives Solomon wisdom1:7–123:5–14
Solomon’s wise judgment3:16–28
Solomon’s prosperity1:14–174:20–34
Preparations for the temple2:1–185:1–18
Temple built3:1–5:16:1–38; 7:13–51
Solomon’s palace7:1–12
Ark brought to temple5:2–128:1–9
God’s glory fills the temple5:13–148:10–11
Solomon blesses the people6:1–118:12–21
Solomon consecrates the temple6:12–428:22–61
Fire from the Lord consumes the sacrifices7:1–3
Solomon and the people offer sacrifices7:4–78:62–64
Feast of Tabernacles7:8–108:65–66
The covenant confirmed7:11–229:1–9
Solomon’s territory increases8:1–69:10–19
Solomon’s enemies defeated8:7–109:20–23
Solomon’s religious practices8:11–169:24–25
Solomon’s economic operations8:17–189:26–28
Queen of Sheba visits9:1–1210:1–13
Solomon’s wealth9:13–2810:14–29
Solomon’s apostasy and adversaries11:1–40
Death of Solomon9:29–3111:41–43
Division of the kingdom10:1–11:2312:1–33
Man of God from Judah warns Jeroboam (Israel)13:1–34
Ahijah’s prophecy against Jeroboam14:1–18
Death of Jeroboam14:19–20
Shishak invades Judah12:1–1214:25–28
Reign of Rehoboam (Judah)12:13–1614:21–24, 29–31
War between Judah and Israel13:1–2215:1–8
Evaluation of Asa (Judah)14:1–815:9–12
Ethiopians defeated14:9–15
Azariah the prophet15:1–7
Asa’s reforms15:8–1915:13–15
Asa defeats Syria16:1–1015:16–22
Death of Asa16:11–1415:23–24
Reigns of Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri (Israel)15:25–16:28
Ahab becomes king (Israel)16:29–34
Elijah17:1–19:18; 21:17–29
Call of Elisha19:19–21
Ahab conquers Syria, acquires Naboth’s vineyard20:1–21:29
Evaluation of Jehoshaphat (Judah)17:1–9
Expansion of Judah17:10–19
Jehoshaphat’s alliance with Ahab; death of Ahab18:1–3422:1–40
Jehoshaphat’s reforms, crisis, and deliverance19:1–20:30
Reign of Jehoshaphat20:31–3722:41–50
Reign of Ahaziah (Israel)22:51–53
2 Kings
Death of Ahaziah; Elijah’s prophecy1:1–18
Elijah and Elisha2:1–25
Evaluation of Jehoram (Israel)3:1–3
Moab rebels3:4–27
The widow’s oil4:1–7
The Shunammite woman4:8–37
Miracles for the prophets4:38–44
Naaman healed5:1–27
The axe-head recovered6:1–7
Chariots of fire6:8–23
Siege of Samaria6:24–7:20
Shunammite’s land restored8:1–6
Hazael kills Ben-hadad8:7–15
Evaluation of Jehoram (Judah)21:1–78:16–19
Edom and Libnah rebel21:8–118:20–22
Warning of Elijah21:12–15
Invasion of Philistia and Arabia21:16–17
Death of Jehoram21:18–208:23–24
Reign of Ahaziah (Judah)22:1–98:25–29; 9:15–16, 27–28; 10:12–14
Reign of Jehu (Israel)22:7–99:1–10:36
Reign of Athaliah (Judah)22:10–23:1511:1–16
Jehoiada’s reforms (Judah)23:16–2111:17–20
Evaluation of Joash (Judah)24:1–311:21–12:3
Joash repairs the temple24:4–1412:4–16
Death of Jehoiada24:15–16
Jehoiada’s son killed24:17–22
Syria invades Judah24:23–2412:17–18
Death of Joash24:25–2712:19–21
Reign of Jehoahaz (Israel)13:1–9
Reign of Jehoash (Israel)13:10–13
Elisha’s final prophecy and death13:14–25
Reign of Amaziah (Judah)25:1–1614:1–20
Israel defeats Judah25:17–2414:8–14
Death of Amaziah25:25–2814:17–20
Evaluation of Uzziah (Judah)26:1–514:21–22; 15:1–5
Reign of Jeroboam II (Israel)14:23–29
Victories of Uzziah26:6–15
Sinful offering of Uzziah26:16–21
Death of Uzziah26:22–2315:6–7
Reign of Zechariah (Israel)15:8–12
Reign of Shallum (Israel)15:13–16
Reign of Menahem (Israel)15:17–22
Reign of Pekahiah (Israel)15:23–26
Reign of Pekah (Israel)15:27–31
Reign of Jotham (Judah)27:1–915:32–38
Evaluation of Ahaz (Judah)28:1–416:1–4
Israel defeats Judah28:5–2116:5–9
Ahaz’s idolatry and death28:22–2716:10–12
Fall of Israel17:1–23
Resettlement of Israel17:24–41
Evaluation of Hezekiah (Judah)29:1–218:1–8
Hezekiah cleanses the temple29:3–19
Hezekiah restores temple worship29:20–36
Hezekiah restores Passover30:1–27
Hezekiah destroys idols, organizes priests31:1–21
Fall of Israel (restated)18:9–12
Assyria invades Judah32:1–2318:13–19:37
Hezekiah’s illness and restoration32:24–2620:1–11
Hezekiah’s wealth and foolish pride32:27–3120:12–19
Death of Hezekiah32:32–3320:20–21
Reign of Manasseh (Judah)33:1–921:1–18
Manasseh’s repentance33:10–20
Reign of Amon (Judah)33:21–2521:19–26
Evaluation of Josiah (Judah)34:1–222:1–2
Josiah’s early reforms34:3–7
Josiah repairs temple34:8–1322:3–7
Book of Law discovered; Josiah’s reforms34:14–3322:8–23:20
Passover celebrated35:1–1923:21–27
Death of Josiah35:20–2723:28–30
Reign of Jehoahaz (Judah)36:1–323:31–33
Reign of Jehoiakim (Judah)36:4–823:34–24:7
Reign of Jehoiachin (Judah); Babylonian captivity36:9–1024:8–17
Evaluation of Zedekiah (Judah)36:11–1224:18–20
Destruction of Jerusalem36:13–2125:1–21
Remnant flees to Egypt25:22–26
Jehoiachin released25:27–30
Proclamation by Cyrus36:22–23

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