Chronology of Noah’s Time in the Ark

Dates are in the form of month, day, and Noah’s year, as given in the text. Hence, 2/10/600 means the tenth day of the second month in Noah’s 600th year. Months are calculated at 30 days each. Dates in parentheses are extrapolations from dates explicitly given in the text.

7:4, 10Announcement of the flood 7 days in advance(2/10/600)Sunday
Waters prevail: 150-day period7:11, 13Flood begins; Noah and family enter the ark2/17/600Sunday
7:12Flood lasts 40 days and ends(3/27/600)Friday
8:4Ark rests on mountains of Ararat after waters prevail and abate for 150 days total7/17/600Friday
Waters abate: 150-day period8:5Mountaintops eventually become visible10/1/600Wednesday
8:7Raven sent out (after 40 days of mountaintop visibility)(11/10/600)Sunday
8:8Dove sent out(11/17/600)Sunday
8:10Dove’s second flight (7 days later); returns with olive leaf(11/24/600)Sunday
8:12Dove’s third flight (7 days later); does not return(12/1/600)Sunday
8:3Waters fully abated; end of second 150-day period(12/17/600)Wednesday
Earth dries: 70-day period8:13Noah eventually removes the covering of the ark1/1/601Wednesday
8:14–19Earth dried out; Noah leaves ark2/27/601Wednesday
Total time in ark: 370 days

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