Chronology of Ezra

Cyrus king of Persia captures Babylon539 b.c.Dan. 5:30–31
First year of King Cyrus; issues proclamation freeing Jewish exiles to return538–537Ezra 1:1–4
Jewish exiles, led by Sheshbazzar, return from Babylon to Jerusalem537?Ezra 1:11
Altar rebuilt537Ezra 3:1–2
Temple rebuilding begins536Ezra 3:8
Adversaries oppose the rebuilding536–530Ezra 4:1–5
Temple rebuilding ceases530–520Ezra 4:24
Temple rebuilding resumes (2nd year of Darius)520Ezra 5:2; cf. Hag. 1:14
Temple construction completed (6th year of Darius)516Ezra 6:15
Ezra departs from Babylon to Jerusalem (arrives in 7th year of Artaxerxes)458Ezra 7:6–9
Men of Judah and Benjamin assemble at Jerusalem458Ezra 10:9
Officials conduct three-month investigation458–457Ezra 10:16–17

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