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Costal classic 30k Trail Run

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My first proper trail run

Since covid lockdown had changed events to uncertainty, I was last to make it to coastal classic 30k run under the waiting list. December in Sydney is a superb climate for running, and a beautiful part of it was on race day on 4th December 2021. It was rainy and cool, which boosted energy for runners, but on the other hand, it made the trail very slippery. I can’t believe the first runner reaching the finish line made it at 2hr 17min.

So what was track looks like?

This trail was held at Royal National Park, from Otford station to the Bundeena RSL club, full of beautiful sceneries.


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Get on your knees and slowly lean forward until your palms touch the ground. Then stretch one leg after the other backwards. Please make sure that your legs are about hip to shoulder wide apart, and this provides excellent stability. In this position, you tighten your torso (i.e. abdominal, gluteal and back muscles), align your hands slightly wider than your shoulders and your fingers slightly outwards and start the downward movement. The best execution is slow, and this means that the downward movement lasts 2 seconds and the upward movement 2 seconds.


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This was an important topic for runners when I started my run; suffered injuries for a year as Shin Splints, Calf Strain, Plantar Fasciitis, Runners Knee, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Low Back Pain, which was due to improper running technique, as most believe running is something anyone can do by instinct without any background. Still, the truth is anyone can run, but to be an effective and smooth runner with fewer or no injuries, one needs to understand run techniques.


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Reflex in our body’s automatic response to some stimulus. The stretch reflex that contracts our muscles in response to stretching is not voluntary (it just happens). And also, blinking in response to fast movement near our face is a reflex that protects our eyes. The human organism plays many such reflexes that make our life easier by responding to various standard situations.


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The heart of the runner is a superior and more efficient organ. – Cardiologist Dr. J. Wolffee, MD

The theory revolves around the lung-heart system and leg muscles based on training effects and the study of body adaptation to be fitter every day.

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Let’s start from the very beginning. A male (or female) approaches me for training. It could be you. (If I use he/her in the following posts in this thread, please note that either of them applies equally well to both sexes. What I am saying works for males and females.)


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To answer the point why we do stretch is to prevent the muscle from shortening and stiffening of the tendons and ligaments are certain. There isn’t an exercise that can prevent the aging of connective tissues, so stretching is not a painful process but full of fun with less hazard.


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Lockdowns or any situation, there should not be an excuse for fitness. We live in an addictive world, and I can say that I see people with different addictions every day, primarily wrong. These COVID restrictions and lockdowns have become an excuse for many but are factual that everything is a mind game, and without discipline, everything is zero.

The key to success is discipline, and exercise is one of the best ways to start your day and or end your day. Here I jotted down the list on my daily workouts, it may be easy or hard for you, but the purpose is to keep going.


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The smooth and comfortable run needs a controlled heart rate. Heart rate was one thing that took a while to understand and adapt in my run; when my colleague Praveen recommended doing a run based on heart rate in my early running carrier, it sounded of less interest until I really experienced it. As running under the required heart rate keeps an athlete more motivated with fewer fatigues. To understand heart rate (BPM) is our body battery, the more controlled it performs.


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If you saw the featured picture, it was me two years back since this article is written when I just started my exercise. And this article shares some good core workouts inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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These techniques are best found in lockdown times when one can’t reach the gym’s to get fit and still keep fit with bodyweight core workouts. Again this is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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There is a lot to share in running science, but sharing a few essential tips covers breathing techniques, posture, pre-workouts, and running shoes.

Well, to comprise, it’s a formula to be understood and achieved;



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The question arises for most;

– How to burn more calories

– How to build PR (personal records)

– How to build better endurance power, etc.

And the basic facts revolve around oxygen and glycogen, which supports the whole running game.

This article shows a brief understanding of oxygen, essential fuel, and see how it works.


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When I started running, it was all about running at full potential every day, which I thought in days I may improve my run, but I was wrong as this approach of run-training didn’t help me improve my running ability. In fact, it made my training more stressed and painful. So the question arises, what is the best way to understand run capacity through feel?


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When a runner hits the ground with a longer stride even at a slower speed, in the human body, force is transferred from foot to the end of the spline, causing the run to slow down when heal strikes the ground. It may cause damages to tendons, ligaments, ankle joints, knees joints, hips joints, and lower back in a few distances.

The best method is to run with higher cadence because it allows foot landing to be under body centerline. The whole body acts as a shock observer and takes all impact force which results in easy motion as forward motion is easy. After all, there is no resisting force as over striding creates more impact force.