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2 Samuel


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Barley was an essential grain for the Israelite people and their livestock (21:9). A failed barley crop could spell disaster for a whole community.


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Kissing was a cultural means of showing respect, friendship, or reverence, as it is in many places today. A kiss was often given as a… Read More »Kissing

A stiff penalty

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A stiff penalty. The punishment for cursing God (Lev. 24:10–23), the king (Ex. 22:28), or one’s parents (Lev. 20:9) was death. Shimei cursed King David… Read More »A stiff penalty


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Regicide is the act of murdering a king. In most cases, a person who killed a king was trying to place himself on the throne.


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Geshur was a border town between the nation of Israel and Aram to the north. David’s wife and Absalom’s mother, Maacah, was from this city,… Read More »Geshur


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Dancing was a vital part of both worship and celebration (6:14). The Hebrew word for dance can mean to twist or whirl about in circular… Read More »Dancing