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grayscale photograph of town


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Tahpanhes (43:7) was a fortified city in the eastern part of the Nile delta, near what is now the Suez Canal. Archaeologists have found a… Read More »Tahpanhes

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Geruth Chimham

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The town of Geruth Chimham (41:17) may have been named after the Chimham mentioned in 2 Sam. 19:37–40 (see also “sons of Barzillai,” 1 Kings… Read More »Geruth Chimham

grapes vineyard vine purple grapes

Free vineyards

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Free vineyards. After they conquered Judah and shipped all the leading citizens to Babylon, the Babylonians gave vineyards to some of the poor Judeans who… Read More »Free vineyards

gray concrete road near mountain range under white clouds


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The Lord commanded the Rechabites for keeping the commandments of their founder (ch. 35), which included abstaining from wine and not building permanent houses. The… Read More »Rechabites

stained book page


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Books in the OT could refer to any written material (see 30:2). Usually this was in the form of papyrus scrolls. Pages were glued together… Read More »Books


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When Nebuchadnezzar defeated the Egyptian army at Carchemish in 605 b.c., it marked the beginning of Egypt’s decline as a power in the region and… Read More »Carchemish