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Behemoth can refer to cattle. In 40:15 it is probably a hippopotamus


God’s great majesty shines forth in poetic language in chs. 38–39. These are some of the Bible’s most awe-inspiring passages about God.


Pits were used for everything from water collection and food storage to animal traps and prisons. Pits were often seen as signs of danger, representing… Read More »Pits


Elihu is the only character in the book of Job with a Hebrew name.


A pledge (22:6) was an object of worth given as a down payment on a debt. Israelites were not to take in pledge essential items… Read More »Pledge


Honey is mentioned often in the Bible (see 20:17). People probably gathered the honey from wild bees. The gathering of wild honey led to an… Read More »Honey


Clay was one of the most readily available materials in ancient times. It was used to construct buildings and to make everyday household items. Job… Read More »Clay