Biblical Descriptions of the Atonement

Type of LanguageBiblical WordsHuman NeedThe Result
Language of OT sacrificesBlood, lamb, sacrificeWe are guiltyWe are forgiven
Language of personal relationshipsReconciliationWe are alienated from GodWe are brought back into intimate fellowship with God
Language of righteous anger at wrongdoingPropitiationWe are under God’s holy wrathGod’s wrath is satisfied/quenched
Language of the marketplaceRedemption, ransomWe are enslavedWe are set free
Language of the law courtJustificationWe are condemnedWe are pardoned and counted as righteous
Language of the battlefieldVictory, deliverance, rescueWe are facing dreadful enemiesWe are delivered and are triumphant in Christ

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