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We strive to build a solid business that lasts forever.

We provide professional Research and Development services for Product Development starting from Engineering Design Drafting to manufacturing with a highly experienced team. Our team is experienced in problem identification before they become an issue which helps our customers reduce the risk of inconvenient and costly delays.

We take on any product development, mechanical research and development projects, Architectural CAD works, Finite Element Analysis and Plastic Analysis projects. We guarantee high-quality service and solve 93 to 95% of new development and manufacturability problems at the design stage.


We offer hassle-free design and manufacturing solutions as our services are flexible and custom fit to your project and your budget. We can handle projects of any complexity and scope. 

We help you free yourself to focus more on your next stage & project’s creative aspects through our service. Our expert service helps when you need it, saving you the cost of engineering design’s internal fees while allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best. 


Our Services

Product Development

Our company supports businesses and engineering firms in new product development (NPD) with the complete process of bringing a new product to market. Our focus is on product design, manufacturability, and various business considerations around NPD. We renew an existing product or introduce a product in a new market.

New product development transforms a market opportunity into a product available for sale. Our products developed service is well structured with engineering standards to provide the result. We ensure that the developed technology approach exploits technological innovation in a rapidly changing market.

Research & Development [Engineering]

Excellent Tier

We support development for finding the production of specific products, including materials, systems and methods, and the design and development of prototypes and processes. We design and test product concepts and redesign existing products with the subsequent engineering approach. Currently, we support mechanical and mechatronics research work and ensure will incorporate more versatility as business requests.

Manufacturing Support

Venture Projects

We support the manufacturing world through design drafting and, above all, by providing plastic analysis that includes all the information required for production, Solving 93-95% of manufacturing problems at the design stage. No questions should be left unanswered. 

We specify manufacturing requirements with GD&T for the machinist in detailed drawings. The drawings will be illustrated to show how the Product fits together clearly. They also show the information required for the finishing processes.

Our Architectural and Civil Drawings help in,

  • Instant resolution of on-site problems well before their occurrence Improved coordination between engineers and technical personnel to meet design intent.
  • Exact and concise drawings for manufacturing and/or installation processes.
  • Minimise fabrication and installation costs.
  • The final check is that all design information works and CAN be built.



Raghavendra Albur

“…Customers are a part of it. KEVOS is a one-stop design shop for my all future projects….”


“… Quick response Good feedback on CDC requirement…”

Ritesh Bankapur from ACTIVEX AUSTRALIA

“…KEVOS prompt response, completed task as required.
We highly recommend and will use them again….”

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